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Hush First phase: 1000

Second phase: 6666

Base HP
Stage HP
Found In
Dropped Items
Final Boss Chest (First kill only)Gateway to Sheol/Cathedral (Subsequent kills) Entrance to The Void (Subsequent kills)

Hush is the boss of the Blue Womb.

Hush starts off with a fight identical to the ??? fight, having the same attacks and behavior but a noticeably different appearance and half of ???'s health. After Hush's first form is defeated, it reveals its large true form at the top of the room, taking the form of its splash screen appearance. Its health pool is very large, and its basic attacks consist of barrages of shots following various patterns akin to those in the "bullet hell" genre of shoot 'em ups. Combined with enemy summons in between, the attacks can be particularly hard to evade.

Every time Isaac deals roughly 20% of its health, it will sink into the ground, stationary, non-attacking and invulnerable. Once most of the projectiles on screen have dissipated, it will pop back up, using more varied attacks than before.

Phase 1 (100-80% health)[edit | edit source]
  • Hush fires barrages of bullets in certain patterns, combining 1-3 different patterns of shots. The same pattern can be used multiple times in each barrage.
Phase 2 (80-60% health)[edit | edit source]

Hush will move to the center of the room before resuming its attacks. It also gains an additional attack:

  • Hush spawns a cluster of Hush Flies that fly toward Isaac. These flies have invincibility for a short time after being spawned.
Phase 3 (60-40% health)[edit | edit source]

Hush keeps its attacks from previous phases, and gains two more attacks:

  • Hush spawns a horde of Blue Gapers, which have an appearance similar to Hush's first form, before sinking into the ground to relocate. While relocating, Hush summons Blue Boils that fire either single shots or triple salvos at Isaac that can travel across the room. Hush is invulnerable in this state.
  • Hush fires three rows of wavy Continuum shots in one of the cardinal directions, which warp over to the other side of the screen and increase in speed the longer they travel. Hush will perform this attack 2-5 times before using a different one. These shots move in a set pattern, so standing still in a safe spot will allow Isaac to avoid an entire barrage.
Phase 4 (40-20% health)[edit | edit source]

Hush keeps its attacks from previous phases, gains an extra attack, and modifies its attack where it fires barrages of bullets:

  • Hush sinks into the ground while firing its barrages patterns, moving in a random direction or chasing Isaac as it fires, and spawning Blue Boils as it moves. Hush is invulnerable in this state.
  • Hush creates three large red projectiles that move outward and split rapidly into numerous smaller projectiles. Hush can start other attacks before the projectiles from this attack fully dissipate.
Phase 5 (<20% health)[edit | edit source]

Hush keeps most of its attacks from previous phases, but loses its ability to spawn Hush Flies. It gains one more attack in this phase, and will have a greatly reduced attack delay when at <1% health:

  • Hush fires two laser beams upward from its eyes, which will create beams on the ground that move toward Isaac and leave slippery creep in their wake. The speed at which the beams move is based on Isaac's speed stat, and are always possible to outmaneuver. While firing these lasers, Hush will also release wavy, slow-moving lines of tears in five directions.

When defeated, Hush will scream and disappear in a flash of light. The ground where it once was will become scorched in a shape resembling a distressed face.

  • Defeating Hush for the first time will spawn a Final Boss Chest. Moving into the chest will unlock Ending 17 and end the run.
  • Using the Emergency Contact on Hush's second form seems to lower its damage resistance by 50% for approximately 5 seconds.
  • Choosing to fight Hush in Challenges is not recommended, though it is possible to do so. Despite the fact that it offers the chance for two or more new items, the fight is very difficult.
  • Having a Stop Watch for this fight is very valuable, as the slow effect triggered upon taking a hit will aid the player's ability to dodge the complex tear patterns and deal with the massive spawns of enemies, which can happen in quick succession.
  • Any items that can fend off projectiles will be highly useful for the fight. Orbital familiars, Circle of Protection, The Soul, Trinity Shield, Dry Baby, Fart Baby, and Infamy may greatly help to mitigate damage.
    • Lost Contact, in combination with a high tears stat, may be effective in blocking projectiles. A player with a low tears stat may find that Lost Contact will cause any tears fired during bullet hell attacks to be destroyed before reaching their target.
      • When the player has piercing tears, Lost Contact can cause dodging most attacks to become trivial, as the player's tears will destroy any enemy projectiles they come into contact with while remaining themselves intact.
  • Marked and homing tears may help to land more tears while trying to avoid enemy projectiles, either by automatically firing at or targeting Hush even if the shot is a little off.
  • Piercing tears (or any tear-replacing item that grants a piercing attack) are useful for killing the enemies Hush spawns, preventing Isaac from becoming overwhelmed and allowing him to dodge its other attacks more easily.
  • A safe way to beat Hush is through the usage of Gnawed Leaf in combination with a passively damaging item such as Daddy Longlegs or The Pinking Shears, though it will take a while. Using The Ludovico Technique in combination with Gnawed Leaf can also be effective since Hush doesn't move a lot.
  • Hush is affected by the Chaos Card. It's advised to save the card for phase 2, which has far more health. Alternatively, throwing it upwards during its first phase can kill both phases if timed correctly.
  • Hiding in a corner may assist the player in dodging some of Hush's bullet hell attacks by allowing time for the associated projectiles to spread out.
  • Although Samson's Chains can block shots, the wavy path of Hush's continuum shots may allow them to hurt the player even when they are directly behind the ball from Samson's Chains.
  • Having three orbitals, e.g. Pretty Fly, Big Fan, Cube of Meat or Ball of Bandages at once will block a large number of Hush's shots.
  • The Ventricle Razor allows the player to repeatedly enter and exit the boss room, granting multiple uses of items like the Wooden Nickel to help as the Keeper, provided a source of charges is available. Multiple pickups may also be dropped for use during the fight.
    • Holy Mantle can also be reset in this way, giving the player the infinite attempts to kill Hush without taking any damage.
  • Serpent's Kiss or Maw of the Void will make killing Hush's spawns occasionally drop black hearts, effectively increasing the player's health pool past the normal restriction of twelve hearts.
  • When playing as Keeper, Head of the Keeper and Wooden Nickel can be used to drop spare coins on the floor that can be taken after being hit. The latter can be combined with The Battery for one extra charge, and with 9 Volt for continuous recharges every 15 seconds.
  • A Card Against Humanity works in the Hush room. This can be used to generate hearts and coins. Having Sack Head or Petrified Poop makes this strategy even more effective.
  • Regardless of Isaac's item combination, taking occasional breaks between firing at Hush is effective, as during this period, Hush's damage resistance will decrease since he isn't taking any damage.
  • It is not recommended to have Broken Modem, as it will stop Hush's tears and close some escape routes, making it harder to dodge in some cases.
  • The name of Hush's boss theme is "Morituros".
    • In its first phase (the replica of the ??? fight), "Ascension" plays.
    • Morituros in Latin is the accusative masculine plural for 'I die', which roughly translates to "those who will die".
  • Hush is one of two bosses that have damage resistance, the other being Ultra Greed.
  • Hush is one of only two bosses in the game with a Boss Room scaled in a 2x2 fashion, the other being Delirium.
  • There is an unused file in the game named "boss_hush_skinless" which appears to be an unfinished spritesheet for a third form of Hush. It resembles a red, fleshy version of the head of The Forsaken. This was confirmed by Edmund to be "a red herring for dataminers."
    • It is possible to spawn it using console command. It moves, but doesn't attack in any way.
  • Hush has the second-highest health of any boss in the game, with a total of 7666 health; only Delirium has more health. However, Hush has damage resistance while Delirium does not.
  • Hush shares his name with a level from Edmund's previous game Super Meat Boy.
  • Hush has an X on the right side of its mouth; this resembles the X found on Tinted Rocks.
  • Hush's boss room gradually becomes darker as Hush loses health.
Bug! If Delirious is used in phase 2 of the Hush fight and Delirium is killed,The Calm (music usually played after defeating a boss) will replace Morituros.
  • Hush's initial appearance in Phase 1.

  • Hush's appearance in the second part of Phase 1.

  • Hush's appearance in the third and final part of Phase 1.

  • Hush's true form in Phase 2.

  • Unused and unfinished skinless Hush sprite sheet.

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Hush | The Binding of Isaac Wiki

Not to be confused with the soundtrack Hush (soundtrack).



1,000 (1st form)6,666 (2nd form)


Hush is the final boss from the Blue Womb chapter in the Afterbirth DLC. The character can fight him if they defeat Mom´s Heart / It Lives in less than 30 minutes. If the character do beat Mom's Heart/It Lives under 30 minutes, the entrance to the Blue Womb will open, giving them the optional choice of fighting him. He has various forms of attacks, and his first form is almost identical to ???.

When the character defeat Hush for the first time, the End Chest will appear and they will unlock Ending 17. After that, a beam of light and a trapdoor will appear, so they can continue their run in the Sheol or the Cathedral. Also, the character will unlock new items depending on the character they use to defeat him.


    He first appear identical to the Blue Gaper who animates in a very similar style of Isaac and ??? as bosses. In his third stage, his back sprout with angelic wings.

    After his first defeat, he transform into his true form; appearing as a giant blue blob with a ghost-like face and almost lacking eyes. His mouth appears to have vein-like "stitches". He is covered with multiple scars and scratches, and tentacle-like veins from below.


    Hush has different attacks from his two forms;

    1st Form

    Phase 1
    Hush starts lying on the floor shooting retaliate tears when the character hit him, sometimes these tears can be homing tears or double tears (like 20/20).
    Phase 2
    When his life meter reaches 66%, Hush stands up and shoots more tears in a radial burst, sometimes little groups of homing tears or big groups of normal ones.
    Phase 3
    When his life meter reaches 33%, Hush will fly and sprout angel wings, and starts moving around the room. Now he throws groups of tears in a radial pattern and spawn Attack Flies. He still can retaliate with tears, but does it less often.

    2nd Form

    Hush's true form.

    When the character depletes his life meter, a second one will appear and Hush's true form will emerge from the ground with a much bigger form. In this phase his health is incredibly high, and Hush starts shooting yellow-colored or blue-colored tears in big groups, spawns a larger number of attack flies, or makes purple, black, and silver tears rain from one side of the room, spawns blue Boils, open and spawns numerous blue Gapers. Sometimes he will hide in the floor to move and emerge again. When he reaches to 15%-20% health or less Hush will start to shoot beams of water that pursue the character.

    All effective items for Hush are listed as follows:


    • From the game's files, there is a file called "boss_hush_skinless" which appears to be an unfinished sprite sheet for Hush's third form. This skinless version of Hush highly resembles between The Forsaken and War. It was confirmed by Edmund McMillen on Twitter to be a "a red herring for dataminers".[1]
    • "Hush" means a silence or telling someone to be quiet.


    Related Achievements


    Оно Живое | The Binding of Isaac вики

    Оно Живое(It Lives)

    Здоровье(TBoI: Rebirth)



    Призывает монстровВыбрасывает кровавые бомбы


    The Binding of Isaac, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    Оно Живое (It Lives) ― усиленная версия Сердца Мамы, которая навсегда заменяет его после 11 побед в Утробе (The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth) или после 9 побед (The Binding of Isaac).


    Аналогично Сердцу Мамы всегда находится в середине комнаты иногда исчезая вверху.

    Как и Сердце Мамы, может вызывать монстров, но вдобавок к ним и боссов:

    Любой обычный монстр может быть заменён альтернативной версией.


    • Первая фаза (100%-33% здоровья) ― босс призывает вышеперечисленных врагов и боссов, затем исчезает вверху. Как только все боссы/враги уничтожены, Оно Живое возвращается обратно.
    • Вторая фаза (33%-0% здоровья) ― Оно Живое не перестаёт призывать врагов, однако уже не прячется и стреляет кровавыми бомбами, оставляющими за собой лужу крови, наносящую урон.


    • Первая фаза (100%-33% здоровья) ― также призывает вышеперечисленных боссов и монстров, только в увеличенных количествах. Во время уничтожения монстров, босс поднимается наверх и атакует многочисленными потоками слез. Когда Оно спускается, то атакует слезами вокруг себя, продолжая призывать врагов
    • Вторая фаза (33%-0% здоровья) ― также не прячется назад, однако не выпускает кровавые снаряды и продолжает призывать врагов. Стреляет лазерами в четыре разные стороны по диагонали, которые позже вращаются по часовой или против часовой стрелке. После смерти Оно Живое большие слезы медленно разлетаются по всей комнате.


    • Как Мама и ее Сердце, Оно Живое может быть мгновенно убито использованием Библии.
    • Эдмунд Макмиллен подтвердил, что Оно Живое на самом деле это Исаак в утробе матери.
    • Победа над этим боссом разблокирует персонажа "???" и два уровня: Собор и Преисподняя; или же даст доступ к Комнате Дьявола или к Комнате Ангела. 

    Связанные достижения

    It Lives ― Убить Сердце Мамы 11 раз



    Cain vs. It Lives - TBoI 1.4-0

    Оно Живое



    Нам Нужно Глубже! | The Binding of Isaac вики

    Нам Нужно Глубже!(We Need To Go Deeper!)



    Цена в Комнате Дьявола



    Нам нужно глубже! (We Need To Go Deeper!) — активируемый артефакт, добавленный в The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.


    • Создает люк, либо на следующий уровень, либо в Ретро сокровищницу (10%).
    • При использовании в Утробе 2, создастся люк в Преисподнюю, даже если она не разблокирована.


    • Может уничтожать камни, если использовать при полёте над ними.
    • Люк не может быть помещён перед входом в Секретную комнату, что помогает с её поиском.
    • Если люков в Комнату сокровищ больше чем 1, то они будут вести в одну и ту же (в пределах уровня).


    • Имя артефакта является отсылкой на мем из х/ф Inception (подробнее)

    Нам Нужно Глубже!(We Need To Go Deeper!)





    Нам нужно глубже! (We Need To Go Deeper!) — активируемый артефакт, добавленный в The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.


    • Создает люк на следующий уровень.


    • Используя артефакт на уровне Утроба 2, можно попасть в Преисподнюю на ранних прохождениях, без нужды убивать Сердце Мамы определенное количество раз. В самой Преисподней предмет бесполезен.


    • Имя артефакта является отсылкой на мем из х/ф Inception (подробнее)

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    Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

    Marked Character Appearance Item Type Item ID Pickup Quote Item Pool Collection Grid
    Passive Collectible
    Directed tears
    (Page 4, Column 9, Row 2)

    Marked is a passive item added in the Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth expansion.

    • Creates a controllable crosshair. Isaac automatically and continuously fires towards the crosshair.
    • +0.7 tears
    • +3.15 range
    • +0.3 tear height
    • My Little Unicorn - Isaac will still fire tears during the effect of the item.
    • Chocolate Milk - Damage scales with the distance between Isaac and the crosshair.
    • Anti-Gravity - Greatly increases fire rate.
    • Brimstone - Overrides Marked. Increases rate of fire and, for Azazel's mini-brimstone, increases range.
    • Camo Undies - Isaac will stay camouflaged until the crosshair is moved.
    • Chocolate Milk - Charge and fire rate based on proximity to mark. Fully charges when farther away, charges less but fires faster when closer.
    • Cursed Eye - Greatly increases the firing rate without needing to charge. The teleporting effect of the eye gets removed.
    • Dead Tooth - The green aura only activates when pressing the buttons to fire Isaac's tears.
    • Doctor's Remote - Fires missiles continuously until the player takes damage or presses space again (may be a bug).
    • Dr. Fetus - Overrides Marked. Increases fire rate.
    • Epic Fetus - Continuously fires missiles at the marked spot.
    • Epiphora - Rate of fire only increases so long as mark is continuously moved in one direction.
    • Homing Tears - The homing effect is overridden.
    • Familiars - Shooting Familiars do not fire towards the mark and behave as normal. However, most will only fire while the cursor is moving (while they normally fire while Isaac does)
    • Gnawed Leaf - Tears will stop auto-firing once the player is invulnerable.
    • Tiny Planet - You will continuously fire orbiting tears, which allows you to not touch the attack keys and focus just on moving (with giant tears it makes it hard to see as you can't stop firing).
    • Incubus - Increases fire rate.
    • Ipecac - Isaac will fire a continuous stream of Ipecac bombs.
    • Kidney Stone - Occasionally, Isaac will stop automatically firing, and an attack key must be held to release the kidney stone and continue firing.
    • Lil Brimstone - Lil Brimstone only charges while moving the mark.
    • Mom's Knife - Overrides Marked.
    • Monstro's Lung - Overrides Marked. Increases charge rate.
    • No. 2 - Holding the fire key to move the crosshairs for 3 seconds drops a butt bomb.
    • Spoon Bender - Tears will travel in the direction of the cross-hairs until close enough to home in on an enemy.
    • Technology 2 - Laser only fires while the crosshair is moving, and only in cardinal directions.
    • Tech X - Overrides Marked. Increases charge rate.
    • The Ludovico Technique - Overrides Marked.
    • Tractor Beam - You will fire automatically but cannot fire tears diagonally.
    • Unicorn Stump: Isaac's tears will still fire, but he will be unable to move the crosshair while invincible.
    • If taken with Lilith, Marked gives the stat upgrades but not the mark.
    • This item's icon shares the same icon as Zodiac but red instead of white. Isaac's sprite is also the same as Zodiac but red instead of black.
    • On PC, it is possible to control Epic Fetus with the mouse. On Windows, go to C:/Users/[username]/Documents/My Games/The Binding Of Isaac [Rebirth/Afterbirth/Afterbirth+]/ and in the options.ini file, change the line that says MouseControl=0 to MouseControl=1.

    • The mark on the ground is the same as used by Epic Fetus.

     PC  PPTD 7GA4 (Both modes, treasure room adjacent to spawn)

     PC  QJBR X4TV (First floor treasure room)


    Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

    Purity Character Appearance Item Type Item ID Pickup Quote Item Pool Unlock Method Collection Grid
    Passive Collectible
    Aura stat boost
     Treasure Room  
    Defeat Hush as Magdalene
    (Page 4, Column 2, Row 3)

    Purity is a passive item.


    • 1 Effect
    • 2 Notes
    • 3 In-game Footage
    • 4 Seeds
    • Purity will boost one of Isaac's stats depending on the color of the aura around him:
      • Red: +4 damage
      • Blue: -4 tear delay
      • Yellow: +0.5 speed
      • Orange: +7.5 range, +1.0 tear height
    • When Isaac takes damage, the aura will be removed. When the next room is entered, the aura will reappear with a random color.
    • The tear delay boost can allow the player's tears to go over the normal maximum rate of fire; see the tear delay explanation page.

     PC  DKYP 0JFY (First floor treasure room)

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