Geometry dash full version world

download geometry dash world free (android)

download geometry dash world free (android)

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Geometry Dash World APK+MOD. ANDROID FULL GAME FREE DOWNLOAD Latest Download

UPDATED ON: Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Here’s the Geometry Dash World Android APK Game with MOD latest version, Geometry Dash 2017 is back with a fresh experience! Fresh levels, fresh songs, fresh creatures, everything that is fresh! Bend your clicky finger as you spiky challenges and travel, leap and turn your path through dark caverns. Find the countries, perform with degrees that are on-line and uncover the strategies concealed inside the Area Of Geometry Dashboard!

Geometry Dash World APK+MOD by

Geometry Dash World MOD APK. Updated/Latest Version:

- Enabled saving/loading from server

- Bugfixes and tweaks

Geometry Dash World ANDROID GAME:

  • Tempo- centered Platforming!
  • Five exceptional degrees with songs from Waterflame Arson and F777!
  • Perform tasks that are daily and make rewards!
  • The Sprint neighborhood was produced by performing on-line degrees!
  • Discover colors as well as exceptional symbols to personalize your personality!
  • Travel turn gravitation rockets and more!
  • Use your abilities to sharpen.


  1. Download this new world game from the button below in the download section
  2. Install this Apk
  3. Launch That’s All
  4. Like us on Facebook: or like us using the floating chat head on your right!
  5. Request more Mods at



NO VIRUS! It’s the official game!


MOD = Unlocked all levels

If you have any issues then please comment below or else just leave a thank you for the apk!

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Download geometry dash world full version

Download geometry dash world full version Find results for Mac, for Ubuntu, for Webapps, for Android, for iPhone

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Play Geometry Dash Online Now!!!


As for the controlling system, IT’s a walk in the park to control different vehicles that move when a player touches the screen and can be interacted anytime the player presses on the touchscreen. What’s more, the speed of moving icon is impossible to be controlled by you, unless it is not changed. However, time and rhythm are the main and key parts of Geometry Dash. The goal of Geometry Dash is to overcome a level by finishing it or reaching the end of it but, unfortunately, if the player bumps into an object or a barrier, he or she has to start the level over from the scratch.Not even a single level is locked from the beginning or later, so any of it can be chosen to play without an order. Apart from the above-mentioned facts, the player can collect maximum three coins which are on the ground or in the air in hidden areas. It is said that Geometry Dash looks like a lot of games, such as flappy bird, 2013 game created by Nguyen Ha Dong and published by Gears Studio. Ironically, the floppy bird was removed from the App Store from Google owing to its addictive nature. The point is that after its removal, the games like flappy bird gained incomparable popularity throughout the internet just like Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash Updated: New Levels & Quests Added

Speaking of levels, in the new Geometry Dash update we see a new level called Fingerdash. There is also a Spider game mode in the update along with new rewards and quests. There are bug fixes, new art, daily levels, and new rewards as well in the Geometry Dash update. The new version of Geometry Dash is version 2.1, and this version is available right now on both iOS and Android. If you are interested in playing this really addictive challenging game, then read on to also learn about some tips for the game.bomb it 7 game game

Geometry Dash Tips & Cheats

Try to Avoid Spikes– When it comes to Geometry Dash, one of the biggest tips we can give you is to always try to avoid the spikes. These spikes might stop you from moving forward with your cube. If you end up hitting a spike in Geometry Dash, you will have to start over from the beginning. You will learn quickly how to avoid the spikes, although it might take a few times to get your reflexes down.

Always Get Boosters- If you want to progress through the levels in Geometry Dash, you really want to try to get the Boosters as often as possible. The Boosters are easily found in this game. Some boosters will allow your cube to fly higher as well as other that help you bounce.

Always try to find the boosters and use them because they will help you through the challenging levels. Since Geometry Dash is one of the more challenging iOS and Android games out there, you will be shocked to find out just how much the boosters will help you, even at the beginning of the game.

Always Hold Your Finger Down– If you are going through consecutive platforms, you want to make sure that you always keep your finger down on your iOS or Android device screen. This will allow you to move your cube forward, as if you let up on your finger, the cube will stop going into motion. The consecutive challenges are really where you need to keep your finger down, but remember to let up on the screen if you see those spikes or else you will end up having to start over. friv 2

Turn Off the Music– While Geometry Dash might have a really good soundtrack, it can be distracting. If you are having troubles beating a level or getting through a Quest, then turn the music off. Some people also will try to see a pattern from within the music and then think this pattern should be found within the level. While sometimes the music goes with the level you are on, it can be a trick and end up causing you to look for something that is not there. Some people also just work better in silence as opposed to the music blaring from your device.

Practice Mode is Helpful- Even if you normally do not like to go through Practice Modes in games; you really should in Geometry Dash. The Practice Mode will really help you because you will be able to memorize levels and also get to know the checkpoints. The checkpoints are important because it can keep you from having to start the level completely over.

The issue with the checkpoints though, is that they might appear very quickly in the game and you might miss it. Going into Practice Mode allows you to get a feel for when you might find a checkpoint and get to know the overall feel of the game. There are still spikes in the Practice Mode, so you have to be careful not to hit them.

Do Quests from Settings Menu– You also should pay attention to the Settings Menu in Geometry Dash and do the Quests you see pop up there. This is because you will be able to unlock more colors if you complete these Quests that are in the Settings menu. For some people, colors are not that important, but it is always cool to unlock those colors just so you have more options.

Finish New Levels– If you finish new levels in Geometry Dash, you also will be able to earn new colors. The more new levels you complete in the game, the more colors will be unlocked. You also can earn free diamonds by completing these new levels as well. It is always a good idea to complete the new levels when you see them because you can earn quite a few rewards by completing these levels and this will just help you obtain boosters and other items. geoemtry dash game

Geometry Dash: what stages are perfect?

Obviously you need to appreciate this astonishing diversion on your telephone, your tablet and even on your PC, however is it perfect? Try not to stress! Geometry Dash is a multi-stage diversion perfect with a considerable measure of stages like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, OS X and Microsoft Windows. Would you like to download it? Get it from Google Play, the App Store, Windows App Store, Amazon Store or Steam!

Geometry Dash: how can it work?

Perhaps you’re as of now a specialist playing this energizing diversion, however in any case we’re going to clarify how it functions. To play Geometry Dash you just need to tap on the screen with a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from every one of the impediments of this two measurements amusement. This appears to be simple, isn’t that right? In any case, it’s not generally that simple! Beat and suspicion to challenges at the forefront of your thoughts as the key focuses!

Geometry Dash: additional items

Aside from this interesting application, you can likewise download the level editorial manager and make your own levels. Shouldn’t something be said about imparting them to whatever is left of the group? Astonishing! Do you like the music of Geometry Dash? As you may know, music is an awesome device keeping in mind the end goal to recall the diverse strides of the amusement. Might you want to have it and appreciate it at whatever point you need? Geometry Dash MP3 are additionally accessible!

Geometry Dash: levels

Is this a troublesome amusement? Is it simple? Do you set out to play the 18 levels of the full form of Geometry Dash and figure out the answers? You have two blocked levels! Get the mystery coins to unblock them! The lite form has just 8 level

Geometry Dash is an extremely prevalent experience diversion between cell phones and its a standout amongst the most played by gamers right now, even in cell phones or tablets. A large portion of the stages permit to download and play Geometry Dash Lite for nothing, so in that way you can appreciate this application amusement which is at present exceptionally mainstream.

Geometry Dash has variants for diverse stages, for example, Android, iOS, Facebook and even an online adaptation that can be appreciated from any web program, yet forms of most enthusiasm to clients are those accessible for cell phones, which have an extensive variety of levels and troublesome destinations through Geometry Dash 2.0

The amusement known as Geometry Dash has two renditions for each working framework: iOS and Android and, one of which is free, called Geometry Dash Lite, which is restricted as it is made out of few levels and couple of objectives to achieve, what urges clients to access to the premium variant of the diversion and in light of the fact that it has more levels and more objectives and gamers will appreciate more the diversion and its expense is low. happy wheels 3

The best game of the moment is Geometry Dash. In Geometry Dash 2 we go moving around a square jumping as we progress along the way. The main objective of Geometry Dash is that we do not give peaks because if these peaks fall on us, our adventure in Geometry Dash is complete and we restart our adventure in Geometry Dash. So we move on Geometry Dash find that the difficulty level is increased and have to start jumping continuously to stay alive in Geometry Dash. Remember that the most important for survival in Geometry Dash is that no peaks crush us so we must be attentive to jump and fall we must be careful not to fall on top of a peak. Download Geometry Dash is easy. Geometry Dash is available for download for PC, Android, Iphone, Tablet, Ipad, etc … if you want to play Geometry Geometry Dash Dash I recommend you download first. Geometric Dash or Geometry Dash Lite for free can be found:Scenes for game development on mobile devices has grown noticeably in recent times and has managed to capture the attention of most consumers, from the passionate games (And by that I mean any type of game) to which They had not played a game in his life. Part of the secret of this success is the variety of games available to us in the market, from the simplest or the most complex. Geometry Dash is one of those games that do not happen to us unnoticed. It has a really simple graphics, including for the smallest of the house, and we can play alone or together with family, friends, acquaintances, etc. The game is based on characters who are basically based on straight lines such as: squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, etc. but it is noteworthy that the main character and you have to play throughout the course of the game is a very peculiar square since it has two eyes and a mouth that makes it stand perfectly straight of objects screen. It comes with a predefined design but you can change it to fit your profile as one of the advantages of Geometry Dash is that you can modify both objects as the main character and including the different screens that comprise the game. This want is not an added advantage as it is another method of entertainment in the game so you can play two games at once when in fact it is one happy wheels 2

Geometry Dash for Android

To play you’ll have to fight your way and not bump or rub against other objects that you meet on the way to get the highest score possible. It is available for Android and Download it simply have to access from your mobile to the section of Google Play Store and there select “Geometry Dash” and see if your mobile device supports this application, to find out you do not take more than two minutes as it is automatically recognized. Once we know that we can use it without problems on our mobile only have to click on the “Download” and in about three minutes you’ll have saved on your mobile. To use it you simply have to install and start enjoying. Geometry Dash is an application for Android and IOs which will make us enjoy an entertaining game whose graphics looks from few years ago. Do you remember those arcade games where we played to kill those rare invaders who wanted to kill us? Well, Geometry Dash is similar as it consists with simple graphics and indeed their characters and objectives are based on squares, circles, triangles, etc., basically figures with a simple straight line can be formed. The main character is a square with eyes and a mouth that simulates line, is a peculiar but very much fun. The peculiarity of Geometry Dash is that you can change both the color and scenarios as you wish, for example, you have the ability to completely change everything and put it as you like. Note that this peculiarity makes them look like two games in one play papas’s sushiria

Geometry Dash for Iphone

To play Geometry Dash we simply have to use our finger on the touch screen of your mobile device in order to advance the main character (the square with eyes and smiling face) and avoid touching, rubbing and colliding with other objects that we are on the screen to exceed the level with the highest score and skill possible.

This game is available for Iphone.

It is a completely a Free game and you can download it on itunes section of your iPhone. Once you have selected “Geometry Dash” you have to hit the button “Download” and you take a couple of minutes to do so. When you have downloaded and saved the game in your iPhone you must then click on “Install” to complete the full instalattion of the game. Finally when you have installed it and you are ready to start enjoying this game with overwhelming but simplicity does not therefore mean that the game itself is simple and that will make you spend nice moments and having to think more than usual as you go advancing. Remember that if you do not already have Geometry Dash on your Iphone you are losing you hours of guaranteed fun, so do not think more and get it! friv

You can purchase the full Geometry Dash Online for not exactly a dollar, so that way you can appreciate this diversion without publicizing and totally.

Another approach to appreciate the free Geometry Dash is through Facebook, as this diversion has built up a form that you can appreciate this interpersonal organization positioned as the most utilized as a part of the world, where clients have profiles on this site might simple access to appreciate this enterprise amusement with simply the partner their records to play geoemtry dash game

The second and last thing to do is get Android emulator for Windows, we recommend using BlueStacks App Player, which work effectively and its one of the most recommended and currently known free emulators, which offers an easy interface to manipulate, something that will be of great help to flush Geometry Dash on a PC.

Geometric Dash PC for free can be found:

Download Full Geometry Dash:

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